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Preparing a Place To Pray

After Preparing a Time, you’ll find that it will help to Prepare a Place. To be able to give God my undivided attention, I needed to find a location where I was be free from  distractions and interruptions. Many times finding a quiet place to meet with God is the biggest challenge. When Susanna Wesley, mother of 19 children, wanted to spend time with God, she had a unique way of finding her “quiet” place

Did Susanna Wesley’s lifestyle and commitment to God make a difference in her children’s lives?

Check it out!

. She would sit down in her kitchen and pull her apron up over her head. She would then spend time in prayer and the children knew not to disturb her! Imagine that!!! Susanna Wesley was serious about her faith when she said, “There are two things to do about the gospel--believe it and behave it.”

Most likely, you won’t find that hiding in your kitchen will produce a distraction free environment, but it does help if you find somewhere with few distractions.

That may mean. . .

     . . . going to a room in your home where there’s not alot of clutter around you so that you’re not tempted to clean up the room instead of concentrating on your time with God
    . . . staying away from ear-shot of the telephone or answering machine.
    . . . not gazing at laundry that’s crying to be washed

    Where & when
    Jesus pray?

    . . . keeping the TV, radio or computer off
    . . . not checking your e-mail before giving God your attention

I also found that in preparing a place to meet God, it was important that I had all the resources, paper, etc. where I was spending time with God. That meant I needed my Bible, notebook paper (pre-computer!), different colored pens and highlighters to underline and mark up my Bible. . . and I needed good light.

At first I always tired to find a comfortable chair or sofa, but quickly realized that if it was too comfortable I had a tendency to get extra tired . . . and sometimes fall back asleep if I managed to get myself into the prone position.

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