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Look, Learn, and Live - A Deeper Way to Study the Bible

You can become a Christian by going to church just about as easily as you can become an automobile by sleeping in a garage.   -- Garrison Keillor

This method of Bible study is not an original idea. I was taught this method in a general way when I was in high school and then more specifically by Anne Graham Lotz. It has been used in various degrees and forms throughout the years. You’ll find the statements or questions may be phrased slightly differently, but at its core, the method is the same in that you. . .

        Look at the Text,
        Learn from the Text, and
        Live out the Text

Looking at the Text          

In the first stage of study we want to look for the facts. Write a single sentence that summarizes the verse. Record what it actually says trying to use the same words of the passage. Don't read into the text, all we're looking for are the facts.

For example if you were studying Luke 4:1-14 you might write sentences similar to these from the first 2 verses:

    v1 (verse 1) Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit and led by the Spirit went to the desert.
    v2 Jesus ate nothing for 40 days and was tempted by the devil

You try finishing the remainder of the passage!

Anchoring Deeper:
Look Closer at the Facts

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