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As you get good at finding the facts in the text, start trying to answer the 5 W's and 1 H in the passage:

     1. Who?
     2. What?
     3. When?
     4. Where?
     5. Why?
     6. How?

It may help to look for the answers for some of these questions:

    Who is involved?
    Who is speaking? What do we know about him?
    Who is he talking to? What do we know about the audience?
    What is the speaker’s relationship with his audience?

    What's going on? What happens to the characters? 
    What's the audience response?
    What's the point of the passage? the argument? What's the author trying to communicate?
    What's the most important word or term in the verse?

    When did this happen? After what? Before what? 
    Is there an order to the events?
    When does it take place in relation to other events in the Bible?

    Where is it taking place?
    Where are the main participants? Where are they going?
    Is it a part of a journey? What do I know about the location?

    Why is this passage included in this book? Why is it placed here?
    Why does it precede the next passage? Or follow the previous?

    How did it happen? How is a concept being conveyed?

The more facts you know about the passage the more accurate your interpretation of it will be!

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