Sending Love Through Letters

The adults at Up with Down’s have so much love to give and share with others. They each have a gift of being able to instantly bring a smile to someone else’s face and one of the best ways we’ve been able to share this gift is through our letter exchange…

Several times a year, the adults at Up with Down’s write letters to their friends in the US and in Lesotho…It’s hard to tell whether the students have more fun writing, or receiving their letters…

The Up with Down’s students are messengers of hope and love and these letters serve as a special tool for them to extend that love to others.


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Messengers of Love

The letters we receive from Up with Down’s are so special!

The student’s love sharing what’s going on in their lives and are enthusiastic about expressing their love for Up with Down’s and the adult centre. These kids are learning so much and developing new social skills everyday!

We love our partnership with Up with Down’s and hope that we can continue to expand our letter program and give more adults from Up with Down’s the chance to take part in this outreach program.

The adults from Up with Down’s are spreading love one letter at a time!

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Mud Fest

Our last day in Lesotho was a complete mud fest! But, I’d have to say, it was one of the most fun days I have had with my kids! No one seemed bothered by the ankle deep mud. It surely didn’t stop our kids from having fun!

Perhaps that’s because the treat for the day was none other than, KFC! And when they hear KFC, it brings out the happy dance!

Besides, who wouldn’t want to pose alongside the KFC name?!

Because of all of the mud, we decided to hand out lunch from the car. Which ended up working out perfectly.

It was a good final day in Lesotho. Another chance to admire one of the qualities that I love most in the people of Lesotho. The ability to enjoy life even when circumstances may not be just right. A quality I hope we can all learn from time to time.

Until next time Lesotho.

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Visiting Itekeng

You never know what to expect when visiting Itekeng School. Now that I have been visiting the school for several years the kids recognize us and our eager to greet us upon our arrival. Most of the time a throng of children greet us!

This time was no different.

They grab for your attention and hate to let go.

We had lots to do this day as our schedule included, bringing over 300 pairs of new shoes, new school shirts, and new school packs for many of the students at the school.

Shoes lined up and ready to be distributed.

You would be amazed by the order in which the kids line up to receive their shoes. One by one they come ready to be fitted.

The needs are great. Students walk in with giant holes in their shirts.

But, they are happy.  They give smiles and thumbs up which remind us that we are making a difference.

These kids don’t take the gifts for granted. They are extremely grateful for what they receive. This sweet girl whispered in my ear her gratitude as she received her new shirt.

Last, but not least, school packs for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms. Keke helped us hand out each school pack and each time the kids would hurry up and open their new bags to see what was inside.

(The smiles, like the girl on the far left say it all.)

Delight over a new set of pencils!

Hurray for new school packs! Thanks Up with Down’s for helping us package the contents and bring hope to hundreds of kids in Lesotho!

We’re bringing smiles, one child at a time.

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I look forward to every trip that I make to Lesotho. Each time I’m anxious to see the growth emotionally, physically, and spiritually of the kids that I have been visiting for the last several years.  Some visits I notice change more than others. This visit we noticed good change.

It was incredible to see all of our high school kids in their new uniforms. They looked so grown up. They’re working hard, but more importantly their confidence continues to grow. 

(Hanging out in his new high school uniform – looking good!)

(These girls love to pose!)

When I first visited Lesotho in 2007, we had just a few high school students in our group. Today, we have 22! 

They are digging into the word and for the first time voicing for themselves the ways that God has been working in their lives.

(This week, the teenagers were studying John 10)

This group is doing fantastic! They are maturing spiritually and providing wonderful examples for our little ones to look up to. Thanks to our sponsors, they are all getting the chance to attend school. We have great hope for the things that they will accomplish for their country of Lesotho.  We thank God for his hand and protection on each one of these kids.

I look forward to seeing what my next trip will bring…

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